Kremlin: US representatives to attend security convention in Ufa, Russia

Alexander Venediktov, Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta in an interview that a US representative will be present at the international session on security in Ufa.

“In recent years, the Americans have not participated in our event. However, this year at the session in Ufa we expect to see them,” he said.

Venediktov added that the attendance of one of the directors of the US National Security Council has been confirmed. He commented that this is a “constructive signal” from Washington that the US is open to dialog.

The meeting will be held in Ufa between 18 and 20 June. The representatives of the security departments will will discuss the problem of hybrid threats. Venediktov noted that these include aggressive propaganda, diplomatic pressure, cyberattacks, the undermining of the national economy, and others.

Venediktov confirmed that a meeting between the security secretaries of Russia, the US and Israel has been scheduled for the end of June, confirming an earlier report by the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat. Sources told the news outlet that the parties will discuss a deal to lift the sanctions on Damascus on condition that Russia supervises Iran’s activity in Syria.

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