Kremlin warns of lengthy legal battles if West uses frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine

If Western countries decide to use the frozen assets of Russia to support Ukraine, this will lead to very long legal battles, said the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, during a briefing on Monday, February 5.

"In case such decisions are made, they would be deeply unlawful, and for those who make these decisions and those who implement them, there would be very long-term legal implications stretching over many decades," he assured.

Peskov stated that tampering with "someone else's property" undermines the foundations of the entire economic system, including those who would implement such decisions.

"We're convinced that the decision-makers understand these inevitable consequences, and we will be monitoring very closely," added the Kremlin representative.

Earlier, media reported that Belgium had proposed a plan to the G7 countries for unlocking Russia's frozen assets in Europe in favor of Ukraine.

It was also reported that the European Union made headway in implementing plans to introduce a tax on the profits from Russia's frozen assets. In response, Russia has threatened Western countries with reciprocal measures in the event of the confiscation of its assets.

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