Kremlin: West will 'get tired' of supporting Ukraine

Russia is hopeful that the West will "get tired" of providing assistance to Ukraine, said the Kremlin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov,  at a press briefing.

"According to our predictions, fatigue from this 'conflict' and the absurd sponsorship of the 'Kyiv regime' will grow in various countries, including the United States. This fatigue will lead to fragmentation of the political establishment," said Peskov.

However, he believes that the United States will continue to support the Ukrainian authorities, despite difficulties with passing the American budget.

"It is evident that this is a temporary phenomenon, and of course, America will continue its involvement in this 'conflict,' effectively direct involvement," Peskov added.

Earlier, American President Joe Biden stated that under no circumstances can the United States allow disruptions in supporting Ukraine.

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