LPR Interior Minister: Special operation underway in the republic

Igor Kornet, head of the so-called Interior Ministry of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) refuted the information concerning his resignation, and reported that a special operation was being conducted to arrest a number of high-ranking militants. This was reported on the official website of the LPR’s Interior Ministry.

“This evening the forces of the LPR Interior Ministry stopped a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group which was trying to infiltrate the republic’s territory in order to commit a number of high-profile acts of sabotage and terror. Most of the saboteurs have been arrested. The search to find and arrest the remaining group members and their accomplices is still underway,” Kornet said.

According to him, the forces of the “law enforcement structures” have the situation completely under control, and the “Interior Ministry is operating as normal and the department’s staff are still doing their jobs”.

“Recently, as the result of the destructive actions of a number of officials, criticism of the law enforcement department in the media has increased. For a long time, the mentioned persons have deliberately given the head of the LPR unreliable information concerning the alleged involvement of Interior Ministry staff in illegal activity,” Kornet claims.

According to the “minister”, this is due to the fact that there has been “irrefutable evidence of the involvement of individual high-ranking office holders in criminal activity”.

Kornet claims that Anastasia Shurkaeva, director of the broadcasting company GTRK LPR, is involved in Ukrainian intelligence activity.

“We have established the complicity of Irina Teytsman, head of the LPR presidential administration, as well as of Yevgeny Seliverstov, chief of the state security service of the LPR Interior Ministry, in the staging of a coup in the LPR in September 2016. As a result, the former prime minister and my comrade in arms Tsypkalov Gennady were killed, and Vitaly Kisilev, deputy commander of the LPR People’s Militia, was given a long prison sentence,” Kornet explained. He added that “a number of high-ranking members of the prosecutor general’s office” are involved in fabricating criminal cases.

“Once the Interior Ministry had irrefutable evidence of the complicity of the mentioned persons in these crimes, the latter took measures to discredit the department and dismiss key ministry staff who were directly involved in uncovering the organized criminal group,” Kornet asserts.

According to him, that night he gave all the existing material to LPR leader Igor Plotnitsky, who decided to file criminal cases against and arrest the concerned parties: Anastasia Shurkaeva, Irina Teytsman and Yevgeny Seliverstov.

  Igor Kornet, LPR, Donbas, Ukraine