Media: Putin concerned about growing alcohol abuse among Russian elite

Russian President Vladimir Putin is concerned about the increasing alcohol abuse among his "inner circle" and the top leadership of the Russian Federation, reports Meduza, citing several sources close to the presidential administration.

According to two sources, Putin began to pay special attention to the problem of alcohol abuse, because Russian officials began to drink alcohol much more often and more amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. The Russian President is particularly concerned about the state of "some people from his inner circle."

"People have been relieving stress in this way since February. Ministers, their deputies, even some deputy prime ministers, employees of the presidential administration and the Security Council, some heads of state corporations, governors," the sources said.

According to one of the interlocutors of Meduza, the main cause of "stress" is the damage that Russia suffered due to the invasion of Ukraine, including sanctions.

"Some started drinking. Someone joined them," the sources said.

However, two other sources claim that the problems of the Russian Federation at the front do not affect the attitude of officials to alcohol, since "they have their own problems and their own war there."

According to Meduza, Putin began to worry about alcohol abuse, as discipline among top Russian leaders and officials began to suffer: "Someone does not show up for an important event, someone blithers and blabbers while delivering a report. The public is already seeing this."

According to the sources of Meduza, Putin is not yet going to fire those who have alcohol addiction.

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