NATO may consider deploying missiles in Czech Republic in response to Russia's violation of INF treaty

The Czech Minister of Defense Lubomir Metnar stated that he does not rule out the possibility that NATO might soon return to discussions about deploying missiles on the territory of the Czech Republic. 

In his opinion, the issue will be discussed in six months, when a decision will be made regarding the termination of the Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missile treaty (INF) between the USA and Russia. 

“It is possible that after the treaty ends, the security situation will deteriorate. I can’t exclude the possibility that the discussion can start in NATO,” the Minister noted. 

Earlier, the US State Department published a statement by the head of the department, Mike Pompeo, that the US  handed over to Russia the notice regarding exiting the INF treaty. At the same time, Pompeo stressed that the United States “remains committed to the actual control over weapons that can be verified and enforced.”

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