Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin deletes tweets on conflict with Romanian authorities

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin deleted all the tweets about his conflict with the Romanian authorities, who denied airspace access to a plane with him on board on July 28, Meduza website reports.

Rogozin, who is under EU sanctions, intended to fly to Chișinău to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the peacekeeping operation in Transnistria. He was invited by the Moldovan president.

Before the trip, the Russian official was warned that he should fly in a commercial, not a military plane. In the end, Rogozin flew on flight S7 on July 28. On the border with Romania the plane was turned back; the Romanian authorities refused to give access to the plane with the sanctioned official on board. The airliner landed in Minsk. Dmitry Rogozin subsequently tweeted, “Expect a reply, you snakes”.

The publication noted on August 1 that this tweet had been erased. Nevertheless, the text has been preserved, for example on RIA Novosti’s website. Rogozin deleted other tweets too, in particular one in which he called a Channel One employee “fifth column”. All of the tweets regarding his plans to travel to Moldova have also been deleted.

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