Russian Foreign Ministry called Romania a threat after US deployed missile shield to the country

Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, director of the Fourth European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated that Moscow considers Romania a country which poses a threat to the safety of Russia, after the appearance of elements of a US anti-missile shield on its territory.

“Romania’s stance and the stance of its leadership, who have turned the country into an outpost, is a clear threat to us. The Romanian side has been told this, even publicly,” Botsan-Kharchenko noted.

According to him, the deployment of an American AMB severely complicates Russian-Romanian interaction and cooperation.

The diplomat also highlighted that, “A definite anti-Russian, even Russophobic sentiment from Bucharest was noticed in the inspired implementation of sanctions and in their excitedly anti-Russian rhetoric.”

Botsan-Kharchenko added, however, that despite this, Russia will still endeavor to interact constructively with the Romanian authorities.

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