US launches a new stage of Ukrainian Army combat training

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry explained that military exercises, supported by American instructors, will last until the beginning of 2017. According to The Pentagon, Washington has pledged funding of more than $265 million for this purpose. On November 23, Pentagon official, Mr. Davis , stated that The United States has initiated the second stage of its program Fearless Guardian with the preparation and equipping of Ukrainian Army servicemen. In his interview to reporters, Davis explained that Washington has pledged funding of more than $265 million (248 million euros) for this purpose.

According to the American defence official, these efforts have been made within the parameters approved on by the U.S Congress in support of Ukraine so that border security and territorial integrity can be ensured. The Pentagon emphasized that American instructors will take part in the preparation of up to five battalions within The Ukrainian Armed Forces and one battalion within the Special Operations Forces. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry confirmed that military exercises of five battalions started in the Lviv region.

As previously explained by Alexander Poronjuk, the Head of the Regional Media Centre of the Ministry of Defence, military exercises will be performed on the territory of The International Peacekeeping and Security Centre of the National Academy of the Ground Forces which was named after Hetman Peter Sagaidachny. Military exercises will be conducted in a number of phases and last until the beginning of 2017, reported Poronjuk.

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