USA in UN called on Russia to choose the path of peace

Samantha Power, United States Ambassador to the United Nations has called on Russia to take a path of peace by implementing the Minsk Agreement. At the UN Security Council's meeting on Ukraine, she called on Moscow to "choose the path of peace and implement the Minsk agreements." She cited this as the only hope of restoring peace in Ukraine.
According to Power, some progress has been seen through the partial Minsk agreement implementation and ceasefire taken in the past six months.

"The resolution of this conflict through the Minsk agreement will allow people of Ukraine to return to their normal lives and begin building the base of the democratic society that they have fought for," she said.

She added that among legitimate elections in Donbass, everyday front-line violations need to end, heavy weapons should be withdrawn, and full OSCE access to Eastern Ukraine must be provided in order to achieve complete peace in Ukraine.

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