Pentagon: US submarines could destroy Russia

Pentagon leaders have delivered a message to Russia that the United States would be able to respond to any of Moscow’s threats and weapons.

According to Voice of America, the announcement was made during budget hearings in the House Armed Services Committee, in response to questions from legislators regarding statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin about new types of weapons.

"We are ready for all the threats that are out there and no one, no one should doubt this," said U.S. Strategic Command Chief General John Hyten. " There is nothing they can do outside of a massive attack against our country that we would not have the ability to respond... By the way, our submarines, they do not know where they are, and they have the ability to decimate their country if we go down that path." Subsequently, U.S. Defense Undersecretary for Policy John Rood noted that Putin's statements "while not surprising, were nonetheless disappointing."

"We’re concerned about some of the doctrine we see emanating from Russia, talking about early escalation, a greater reliance on nuclear capabilities in a conflict," Rood said. He also denied Moscow's statements that Russia is developing new nuclear weapons due to Washington's refusal to adhere to previous arms control agreements.

"The United States remains committed to our arms control obligations," the deputy minister said. "Regrettably, the Russian Federation’s track record in terms of its adherence to its arms control obligations leaves a great deal wanting."

During Putin’s Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly last week, Vladimir Putin spoke about the latest types of Russian weapons that have allegedly already launched into production. According to Putin, the United States and its allies "have to be aware of this new reality."

World leaders condemned Putin's statements regarding new weapons. US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Teresa May considered the statements to be "irresponsible."

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