Relatives of mobilized Russian soldiers appeal to the public for support in bringing loved ones home

Relatives and loved ones of mobilized Russians, who are seeking their return from the front, have turned to the "multinational people of Russia" for help. The appeal text, posted on Monday morning, November 27th, was shared on the Telegram channel "Path Home," which brings together relatives of mobilized individuals from all over Russia.

"This is an appeal to everyone, or rather a plea for help. Our tragedy is unfolding right before your eyes, which we cannot bear alone! We have knocked on every door. Our government has turned away from those who were the first to respond to its call for help. First and foremost, from the mobilized individuals and their loved ones," the appeal states. The authors write that "there is almost no hope left."

"None of us have any certainty. Many of us no longer have a future. But it turns out that we are not voters or citizens, and perhaps, not even human beings at all. They are betraying us and exterminating their own," the relatives of the mobilized soldiers point out.

In their appeal, the relatives of the mobilized individuals, after unsuccessful attempts to organize rallies in their support in several regions, admit that they have been deceived. "They deceived us and they will deceive you. All this time, they simply showed us lazy stability, reliability, and safety," the desperate authors write.
They remind everyone that the President of the Russian Federation promised not to call upon reservists, and then "the promises turned out to be empty words." "Many will never return. Mobilization turned out to be a terrible mistake. We have been punished for our law-abiding nature."

"Behind the veil of stability, our men pay with blood, while we pay with our health and tears," the appeal states. Its authors call the proposed government payments and benefits for the killed and wounded an attempt to "silence" them. "When it comes to the value of a loved one's life, one wants to tear apart the person who dared to make such a vile proposal," they emphasize.

The authors of the appeal note that "no one is protected" from their fate in the future. They describe the situation in the country as absurd and criticize Vladimir Putin, expressing hope that he will still "hear their pleas." "The president of 2024 declared it the year of the family. Ironically, considering that wives are wailing without their husbands, children are growing up without fathers, and many have already become orphans. And a satanist-cannibal, who committed a repeat offense after the first conviction, is released in six months, having atoned for serial murders on his own. Our president does have a sense of humor!" the authors state.

In conclusion, the relatives of the mobilized individuals urge signing a petition for the return of those sent to the front and the establishment of a maximum service period. "We are not interested in rocking the boat and destabilizing the political situation. We are the Path Home. We are determined to bring our men back no matter what," the message reads.

Families of mobilized individuals in Russia have increasingly voiced their demand for bringing back soldiers who have served in the war in Ukraine for over a year. They insist that the maximum period of military service should be limited to one year, that all wounded individuals should be discharged, and that the list of medical conditions exempting individuals from military service should be expanded.

Russian authorities have denied permission for rallies to be held across Russia by the relatives, citing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Surprisingly, the Kremlin has thus far refrained from commenting on these demands. Following a picket in Moscow on November 7th, Russian war correspondent Alexander Sladkov referred to Putin’s words, stating that "now everyone fights until the end of their service." Sladkov said that, during his last meeting with reporters, Putin pointed out that there were no plans for rotation and the return of mobilized individuals from Ukraine.

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