Russian Navy conducts drills in Baltic Sea

The Russian Navy has begun drills in the Baltic Sea which will involve more than 20 military and auxiliary vessels, TASS reported, citing official Russian Navy spokesperson Roman Martov.

“The strike forces of the Baltic Naval Base – small missile ships and motorboats, minesweepers and various vessels from the auxiliary fleet – carry out missions. In total, the maneuvers will involve more than 20 ships and auxiliary vessels from the fleet,” he said.

Martov clarified that in the first stage of the drills, the crews would work on combat training exercises at their stationing points, including preparation for setting sail, as well as combat and day-to-day organizing under base conditions.
Thereafter, a few individual ships will carry out a series of anti-ship and anti-air defense assignments.

The training missions will also involve Russian naval airplanes and helicopters.

Recently Russia deployed ‘Iskander’ tactical missile systems in the Kaliningrad province on a permanent basis. The system can carry a nuclear payload. Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite warned that the placement of Iskanders in Kaliningrad constitutes a threat to Europe.

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