Sweden announces largest military aid package for Ukraine, boosting air defense and command capabilities

The Government of Sweden has announced its 16th and largest military aid package for Ukraine since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion.

"Sweden is assisting Ukraine with entirely new capabilities that strengthen Ukraine’s integrated air defence. The package, which will be included in the future budget with additional amendments, amounts to 13.3 billion Swedish kronor (approximately $1.3 billion) and meets Ukraine’s priority needs," the statement on the Swedish government website reads.

Sweden is delivering an ASC 890 airborne surveillance and command aircraft to Ukraine, boosting the country's air defence capabilities.

The ASC 890 will provide Ukraine with completely new radar reconnaissance and combat control capabilities against targets in the air and at sea, enhancing Ukraine's ability to identify and combat long-range targets. The aid includes training, technical equipment, and methodological support for radar reconnaissance and air combat control.

To further strengthen Ukraine's air defence, the support package also includes Rb 99 (AMRAAM) air-to-air missiles, which can be used on aircraft as well as in ground-based air defence systems.

The Rb 99 missiles are being transferred to Ukraine in cooperation with the United States. The missiles are being modified for use in ground-based air defence systems.

Additionally, Sweden is transferring its entire stock of Pansarbandvagn 302 (Pbv 302) tracked armoured personnel carriers to support the development of new Ukrainian army brigades.

The aid package also includes 155 mm artillery ammunition and resources for the maintenance of previously delivered equipment.

Sweden will also provide surplus refuelling equipment from its Armed Forces, conduct maintenance on previously delivered Swedish assets, and offer financial support to coalitions and funds that enable the rapid procurement of logistical supplies for Ukraine.

Furthermore, the Swedish Defence Research Agency will support Ukraine in establishing its own defence research institute.

Moreover, as part of the aid package, Ukraine’s command and control capabilities will be enhanced by providing terminals with satellite communication subscriptions.

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