Tensions flare between Russian and Iranian forces in Syria

Tensions between Russian and Iranian forces have started to spread to the Syrian army.

Russia, which wants members of Hezbollah and Iranian troops to withdraw from the Golan Heights, is not happy with the fact that not all have left the area, reports the blog bmpd.

It has been noted that some Shiite units have begun wearing Syrian army uniforms and have continued the hostilities. Specifically, they have donned the uniforms of the 4th Panzer Division, which is under the command of Maher Assad, the Syrian president’s brother.

“This is why Russia wants to strengthen its control over the command of the Syrian army. And Russian officers have begun to conduct inspections of the Syrian military bases,” the blog said.

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the telephone and expressed their readiness to step up coordination relative to Syria, including the fight against international terrorism.

Earlier, the media reported that Iranian troops had disguised themselves, changing into Syrian uniforms to avoid Israeli strikes.

In early May, Israeli Air Force planes attacked positions of the Syrian army at the foot of the Golan Heights. At the same time, the militants, using Israel’s air strikes on the territory of Syria, attacked the Syrian city of al-Baath in the Golan Heights.

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