US forbids Ukraine from using Javelin missile systems in Donbas

The U.S. imposed restrictions on the use of Javelin anti-tank missile systems in the Donbas, which Washington supplied to Ukraine, as stated by Georgiy Tuka, the deputy minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine, on the Pryamoy channel.

According to him, one of the terms of the contract to supply the missile systems was “not to use these complexes directly on the contact line.”

At the same time, Tuka stressed that the ban can be canceled “at any time,” and just two such complexes would be able to inflict considerable damage on the enemy.

“I suppose that in the case that, as people say, our backs are against the wall, we will get permission from the U.S. to use two or three of these missile systems. And this will bring the enemy down a peg for a fairly long time,” the official added.

Earlier, the U.S. State Department reported that the U.S. had already delivered the American Javelin anti-tank missile systems, but it did not specify whether Washington had placed any conditions on their use.

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