Ukraine and NATO change plan of Sea Breeze military exercises because of Russia

The plan of joint Sea Breeze—2019 exercises with participation of Ukraine, the USA, and NATO countries was changed due to Russia's actions in the Black Sea, reads the message of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The commander of the Ukrainian Navy Ihor Voronchenko said that the area of the maneuvers was changed due to the "attempts of Northern neighbor to confuse us with the sudden closure of the navigation area." "We took this as an additional challenge and are ready to counteract adequately," the commander said.

National Defense Management Center of Russia said that the Russian Black Sea fleet monitors the actions of NATO ships during the exercises "to respond to possible emergencies," reports RIA Novosti news agency.

Also, the Russian military deployed Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems during its exercises in the Crimea and the Caucasus coast, reports Interfax. "The personnel of the Bastion and Bal systems conducts drills on applying conditional missile strikes on sea targets in the designated areas when deploying from the march," reads the message of the Russian fleet.

International exercises Sea Breeze-2019 are held from 1 to 12 July at sea and on land, in the air and underwater. Exercises are attended by 19 countries and involve 32 ships, 24 aircraft, and more than 900 personnel. The US Navy destroyer Carney also arrived in the area of Black Sea to participate in the exercises.

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