US Department of Defense refutes claims of reduced ammo supplies to Ukraine, affirms ongoing support during Israel conflict

US Department of Defense spokesperson Sabrina Singh has stated that the information that appeared in the media about a 30% reduction in ammunition supplies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces  following the start of the war in Israel is far from reality.
”I would push back on that assertion (about reduction in ammunition supplies). We have been able to supply Ukraine with what it needs during its counter-offensive, and we will continue to supply Ukraine with what it needs as it heads -- as we head into winter,”  said Sabrina Singh commenting on an ABC News report about the reduction in ammunition supplies to Ukraine.
According to Singh, the US will provide Ukraine with everything necessary to liberate its territories. This position has not changed since the beginning of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive and has not been affected by the war between Israel and Hamas. She added that the US supports both its allies in their fight against unjustified terrorism.
Singh also reiterated her call for Congress to approve the proposed financial and military assistance to Ukraine and Israel, as put forward by Joe Biden. This is particularly important for Kyiv, which risks finding itself in a very difficult situation without US support in the ongoing war with Moscow.
Singh also noted the effective use of weaponry by the Ukrainian army, which was provided by the United States. This was also confirmed during a recent visit to Kyiv by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.

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