US urges Hungary to behave ‘more responsibly’ in the conflict with Ukraine

US President Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will hold talks in the White House on May 13.

According to the representative of the US President’s administration, the United States is concerned about the fact that Hungary is trying to bring the dispute with Ukraine to the international level. The US suggests Hungary resolve all issues directly with the authorities in Kyiv and "through diplomatic channels."

The official also noted that Hungary should act "more responsibly" in this matter.

The tension between Ukraine and Hungary arose because of discussions on the Ukrainian law on education, which significantly reduces the possibility to study in the languages of national minorities. The law came into force on September 28, 2017. It will be put into effect in several stages over the period up to 2020.  

Minister of the Prime Minister's Office of Hungary, Gergely Gulyas said earlier that the Ukrainian authorities adopted a "semi-fascist" education law and violate the rights of minorities. Also, Gulyas expressed the hope that the authorities of Hungary will be able to establish relations with the new administration of Ukraine because Budapest was not able to establish communication with the current government.

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