Volker: US could sell more Javelin anti-tank systems to Ukraine

The US could sell Ukraine another batch of Javelin anti-tank missile systems, announced US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker during a video conference for European reporters, UNIAN reports.

“As you know, part of this assistance consisted in providing anti-tank systems so that, if tanks proceed further into Ukraine’s territory, Ukraine has the best capabilities to protect itself,” the special representative noted.

According to Volker, Ukraine has expressed interest in acquiring a larger number of the systems.

“This is possible. We also need to look into areas such as anti-air defense and coastal defense,” he observed.

He also noted that there is further discussion about the anti-sniper systems that have already been delivered to Ukraine.

Recently, during a meeting with residents of the city of Zdolbuniv, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promised that by 2020 the Ukrainian army will have transitioned completely to NATO standards.

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