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  • Ukrainian Military Command: Security of arms depots, bases, warehouses and other military units has been strengthened

    The security of important military facilities in Ukraine, such as arms depots, bases, warehouses, and other military units have been strengthened due to the growth of terrorist threats, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated.

    "In connection with the growth of terrorist threats the security of arms depots, bases, warehouses, and other military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been strengthened. At the same time a number of urgent measures are being taken to equip …

  • Kyiv: commencement of American weapons supplies to Ukraine depends only on the political decision of US leadership

    The commencement of deliveries of American weapons to Ukraine currently depends only on the political decision of the US leadership, stated Viktor Muzhenko, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    "We have such prospects [regarding the supplies of lethal weapons to Ukraine]. All the lists have been agreed upon, and the procedural matters have been discussed. Now we await a political decision [by the White House]," he said in an interview with Ukrinform. The Chief of the …

  • Media: Ukrainian President bought weapons for Ukrainian army with his own company funds

    The Roshen Corporation financed the production of 100 sniper rifles, which in August, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gave to the third regiment of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    "Petro Poroshenko and his company provided sniper rifles and other weapons to the Ukrainian army," the Presidential administration's response to Ukrainska Pravda says.

    In particular, the weapons’ transfer was a result of a tripartite agreement between the manufacturer, the …

  • Military expert: Ukrainian army is three times stronger that its opponent in the Donbas

    A statement made by the General Staff Chief, Viktor Muzhenko, about the numerous losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should the Donbas be liberated by force is more political than military. Its goal is to confirm the opinion in the minds and souls of Ukrainians that there is no alternative to Poroshenko's peaceful plan, military expert Oleg Zhdanov stated in an interview with 24 TV.

    According to the expert, Muzhenko can’t make comments about the other option since he supports Poroshenko's …

  • Media: Armed Forces of Ukraine gained control over the runway and the ruins of the Donetsk airport

    The Ukrainian military took full control of the runway and the outskirts of the Donetsk airport along the demarcation line in eastern Ukraine. They also installed the Ukrainian flag a few meters from the destroyed terminal, TSN news program reports.

    "The Ukrainian language on this side is heard everywhere, in commands, orders and conversations. And this annoys the separatists, who are positioned some hundreds of meters away, a lot, “ the report says.

    The Ukrainian military know when to open …

  • Muzhenko: Nine Ukrainian battalions are now compatible with NATO

    At the moment, nine Ukrainian battalions are already compatible with NATO troops, said the chief of the General Staff, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Victor Muzhenko.

    "Preparation of battalions is going on with the help of foreign specialists, which began in 2015. There are instructors and military personnel from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland in Ukraine today. We have reached the appropriate compatibility at least in nine …

  • Ukrainian Parliament calls for the resignation of Commander-in-Chief Muzhenko

    The General Staff Chief of the Armed Forces, Viktor Muzhenko, and his deputy should be held responsible for the fires at ammunition warehouses in Kalynivka as they are tasked with the safety of the military storage facilities, as written by the People's Deputy and the Minister of Internal Affairs adviser, Anton Gerashchenko, on Facebook.

    "Victor Muzhenko’s place should be taken by a young and responsible officer of the Armed Forces, who can lead the process of real, not fake, reform of our …

  • Ukraine to significantly increase defense and national security expenditures

    In accordance with the proposals of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in 2018, Ukraine will allocate 163 billion hryvnia ($6.2 billion) for national security and defense needs, which is 20 billion hryvnia ($767 million) more than was allocated this year. This was announced on September 13 during a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine led by President Petro Poroshenko, the presidential press service reported.

    Poroshenko noted that despite the aggression against …

  • Ukraine begins large-scale assembly of reserve paratroopers

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have begun to assemble highly mobile paratrooper forces, Ukrinform reported with reference to the AFU General Staff press service.

    “In the Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv provinces, large-scale military gatherings have begun with reservists from the rapid first phase reserve of two military command brigades of highly mobile AFU paratrooper forces,” the report states.

    The military commissariats have summoned rapid reservists in such numbers as to bring the staff of …

  • Volker: During his visit, US Secretary of Defense brought military equipment for Ukrainian Army

    Kurt Volker, Special Representative of the US Department of State for Ukraine, said that US Secretary of Defense James Mattis brought military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine during his visit to Ukraine on August 23-24.

    “I agree that ministers of defense don’t arrive empty handed. The defense minister (J. Mattis) brought certain defensive equipment for the Ukrainian army,” Volker said in an interview for the TV channel Pryama.

    The special representative commented that the US will …