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  • Putin calls Kyiv ‘one of the ancient Russian capitals’

    President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made a speech at the Victory Parade in Moscow’s Red Square, TASS reports.

     “It is our sacred duty to protect the real heroes of the Great Patriotic War when in a number of countries people shamelessly lie to their children about the war and betray their ancestors ... The memory of the war and its truth is in our conscience and one of our responsibilities. Today we see how a number of states deliberately distort the events of the war and make …

  • Ukraine to upgrade Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft

    Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak announced that a Ukraine is upgrading a Su-24MR reconnaissance plane, the Ministry of Defense reported.

    During a work visit to the Odessa Ukroboronprom Aircraft Plant, the minister said that the upgraded plane will give the Ukrainian Air Force clear control during combat and improve its effectiveness.

    Poltorak noted that the plant is currently upgrading a Su-24MR which has not been seriously upgraded since Soviet times.

    “The plant has done serious …

  • Ukraine receives a shipment of American Hummer trucks

    A shipment of 35 Hummer combat vehicles arrived in Odessa from the USA, announced the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Stepan Poltorak at a meeting with the military personnel of the 58th separate motorized infantry brigade in Konotop.

    “Of these, 20 are armoured vehicles, which will go to combat units, and 15 are ambulance vehicles,” the minister said, as quoted by the press service of the Defense Ministry.

    According to Poltorak, the USA has provided over 400 million dollars assistance to Ukraine. …

  • Odessa region governor refuses to resign despite Poroshenko’s decree

    Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration, Maksym Stepanov, has refused to leave his post, despite the decree of the President of Ukraine, reported the local newspaper Dumskaya after the governor’s briefing.

    “The head of the Odessa Regional State Administration is in front of you, and he did not write or plan to write any statements about the resignation. A few hours ago, a decree on my dismissal from the office appeared on the president of Ukraine website. A very strange document, …

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces to test two missile systems in the Odessa region

    Ukrainian Armed Forces are planning to test two missile systems in the Odessa region said Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak at a briefing in Odessa, as reeported on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

    "In the coming days, two missile systems will be tested in the Odessa region, and we hope that these tests will be successful, increasing the capabilities and effectiveness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in protecting the coast and land territory," said Poltorak.

    Poltorak …

  • Moldovan consul in Odessa arrested for bribery

    Sergey Sheptelich, the Moldovan consul in Odessa, was arrested on Tuesday by members of the Moldovan Anticorruption Prosecution and National Anticorruption Center (NAC), the NAC announced in a press release.

    Before the arrest, the consulate offices in Odessa and the consul’s apartment were searched by law enforcement.

    The consul has been accused of passive corruption. On 6 April 2018, he is believed to have illegally issued a citizen of an Arab country a 60-day Moldovan visa in exchange for a …

  • Two NATO ships dock at Ukrainian Port of Odessa

    On the morning of Monday 1 April, two NATO ships entered the Port of Odessa. The Spanish frigate Santa Maria (F81) and the Canadian frigate HMCS Toronto (FHH333) were moored at berths 18 and 19, the local news outlet Dumskaya reported.

    Santa Maria and Toronto will remain in Odessa until the evening of 3 April at the latest. Both vessels were opened to visitors on Monday afternoon.

    After their stay in Odessa, the ships will take part in a PASSEX (passing exercise) with ships from the Ukrainian …

  • Group of NATO ships enters Black Sea

    Two frigates from the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) have entered the Black Sea – HMCS Toronto of the Royal Canadian Navy and Santa María of the Spanish Navy. The destroyer HNLMS Evertsen of the Royal Netherlands Navy had entered the Black Sea earlier. All three ships are being escorted by the Turkish frigate “Gelibolu”.

    A post retweeted by the official NATO Maritime Command stated that the ships will participate in the “Sea Shield” exercise alongside NATO’s Ukrainian and Georgian …

  • Two NATO frigates to visit Ukrainian port of Odessa

    The press service of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine reported that two NATO warships from the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) are scheduled to arrive for a regular visit at the Odessa Sea Port in Ukraine on April 1, 2019

    According to the report, HMCS Toronto and the Spanish Navy frigate Santa Maria will stay in Odessa for several days after patrolling the Black Sea along with other ships of the Standing NATO Maritime Group.

    "During their stay in Odessa, the commanders of the ships will …

  • NATO ship enters Ukrainian port of Odessa

    A NATO ship entered the Odessa Commercial Sea Port on the morning of March 23. The French minesweeper M653 Capricorne moored at the berth number 16 of the marine station of the port of Odessa, reports Dumskaya news website.

    The ship passed the Bosphorus  and entered the Black Sea on March 21. This is the second time the NATO ship of a non-Black Sea country visits Odessa in 2019. The first vessel that arrived in Odessa on February 25 was the United States missile destroyer DDG75 Donald Cook. …