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  • Joint Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade to be ready in 2017

    A ceremony was held in Lublin to mark the beginning of the Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian brigade, as reported by web portal TVN 24.

    The ceremony was attended by the Defense Ministers of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine; Antoni Macierewicz, Juozas Olekas and Stepan Poltorak.

    According to the Defense Minister of Poland, all three battalions have shown solid progress, and there is every chance that the joint team will be at full combat readiness next year.

    He added that he considers the cooperation …

  • Pro-Russian group in Poland submits complaint with Prosecutor's Office over Ukrainian activists

    An unregistered Polish political party called “Change” filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s office in Warsaw about the Euromaidan-Warsaw activists. Polish Radio reported that Ukrainians were accused of contempt of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.

    Members of the party drew attention to October 7th last year when Euromaidan-Warsaw activists started picketing the Embassy of Russia Federation on the center of Warsaw. During the protest, participants used placards where Putin was …

  • Poland to become NATO Response Force Framework State

    Poland will become part of the NATO Response Force within four years. The Polish Vice-Minister, Tomasz Szatkowski, reported that the Polish Ministry of Defense has already been preparing for this duty.

    “Our contribution to the framework will consist of five battalions. As a framework state, we want to invite our partners from the Visegrad Group to join this effort. There has been a prior agreement that part of these forces will be under the flag of Visegrad," the Vice-Minister, Tomasz …

  • Macierewicz: Poland is Under Threat from Foreign Aggression

    Polish Defense Minister, Antoni Macierewicz, during a broadcast on Radio Maryja, claimed that Poland is more at risk of attack than other countries.

    "An aggressor’s avalanche may fall upon us. That is why we must take the opportunity to make decisions about our defense strategies. It may even mean upsetting our allies who support our security, if our government considers it necessary," said Macierewicz.

    The Minister also declared that Poland will raise the question at the NATO summit about …

  • Poland to station 3 brigades along eastern border

    Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz stated that the Polish Defense Ministry plans to station three brigades along the eastern border of the country in 2016. Poland shares its eastern border with Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.

    “We have already started work on the creation of three defensive brigades along the eastern border of the country. These brigades will be an integral part of the Polish Armed Forces. They will become the fifth type of Polish Armed Forces,” Polish Radio quoted …

  • New Gas Corridor to be Constructed between Poland and Ukraine

    A new gas corridor, named the “North-South” corridor, will make it possible for gas to be transported from a Polish gas port in Świnoujście to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The Polish gas pipelines, Lwówek–Odolanów and Hermanowice–Strachocina, that will be constructed by the State “Gaz System” are critical parts of the gas corridor “North-South.”

    Among other things, this corridor will provide the opportunity to pump liquefied natural gas, delivered to the Polish gas port in Ś …

  • Waszczykowski: War in Donbas one of the main threats to Poland

    The Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Witold Waszczykowski, stated in a radio interview that the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, initiated by the Russian Federation, is one of the main threats for Poland in 2016. “It wasn’t Poland that created the ice age, nor was it responsible for attacking other countries and it was not us who sent little green men to other countries in order to take away part of their territory,” Waszczykowski said.

    “Therefore, if we are talking about problems, they …

  • Poroshenko: We must prevent Crimea from turning into a Russian military base

    At a briefing with the President of Poland, Petro Poroshenko stated that it’s important to prevent the annexed Crimea from becoming a Russian military base. The President of Ukraine thanked him for Poland’s firm position in support of Ukrainian sovereignty, independency and territorial integrity.

    He indicated that he and Duda have discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine including strategies to resolve the issue of non-recognition of the annexation and the continued illegal occupation of …

  • The President of Poland wants Ukraine to attend the next NATO summit

    At a press-conference in Kiev with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, the Polish President Andrzej Duda stated that Poland wanted Ukraine to attend the next NATO summit in Warsaw.

    According to Duda, Poland believes that cooperation with Ukraine will bring peace and security to Europe. “Warsaw will be the host of NATO’s summit in 2016. I will make an effort to allow Ukraine to attend the NATO summit”, Duda stated.

    Poroshenko stated that drills undertaken with Polish and Lithuanian …

  • Poland to give Ukraine €1 billion loan

    After negotiations with the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, confirmed that Warsaw will provide Kiev with a €1 billion loan.

    “Negotiations were held between Valeriya Hontareva, the Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, and Marek Belka, the Head of the National Bank of Poland.  The two reached an agreement to open a credit line of 4 billion zlotys, approximately €1billion, for Ukraine. This will undoubtedly increase commerce between Ukraine and …