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  • President of Poland to Pay First Official Visit to Ukraine

    The presidential press-service of Ukraine reported that the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, will pay his first official visit to Ukraine on December 14th. President Duda is scheduled to stay in Kiev for two days.

    The program of the visit includes negotiations between President Duda and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The two leaders plan to discuss a wide range of issues from safety to strengthening bilateral cooperation.

    Readers may remember that Andrzej Duda took his oath of office …

  • Poland looking for access to NATO nuclear weapons to neutralize Russia

    Deputy Defence Minister, Tomasz Szatkowski, stated that Poland’s Ministry of National Defense will request that the US place nuclear weapons in the country to aid its self-defense. The corresponding request will be made through NATO’s so-called Nuclear Sharing program, which allows non-nuclear alliance members to request nuclear weapons from other NATO countries. A military official explained that the final decision on the request hasn’t been made yet and it is currently being discussed at the …

  • Poland prepares a new investigation of air crash near Smolensk

    The ruling party believes that the air crash which happened in 2010 near Smolensk was planned. The brother of the deceased President also required an independent evaluation of the previous investigation. The Party Law and Justice, which won the recent parliamentary elections in Poland, prepared a new investigation of the air crash of TU-154M, as a result of which the former President of Poland was killed. This was reported to the AP on November 26.

    The tragedy happened in 2010 near Smolensk. …