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  • Media: Assad’s forces continue to attack the opposition in northern Syria

    The forces of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime are continuing to attack the positions of the armed opposition in the regions of Turkmen Mountain and Jabal al-Akrad in the Syrian province of Latakia, news agency Anadolu reports.

    According to the news agency, Syrian state forces are continuing to launch missile and mortar strikes on the areas and villages under opposition control, which is resulting in casualties and destruction.

    Usama Solak, head of the Syrian-Turkmen council mission …

  • Russia, Turkey and Iran sign memorandum on the establishment of security zones in Syria

    At the plenary session of the 4th Astana meeting, devoted to the peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict, Russia, Turkey and Iran signed a memorandum on the establishment of de-escalation zones in Syria, Interfax news agency reported.

    During the signing of the document, two members of the delegation from the Syrian opposition left the meeting. “We do not accept Iran as a guarantor country,” said one of the departing delegates.

    The head of the Syrian opposition delegation, Mohammad Alloush, …

  • Syrian opposition withdraws from negotiations on Syria

    Syrian opposition suspended its participation in the talks on Syria that are taking place in Astana, Interfax news agency reported citing an opposition representative.

    "We left the meeting because even as we sat down at the negotiating table, the hostilities in the vicinity of Homs and Daraa continued, and there was no clear agenda," said a member of the delegation, Osama Abu Zeid.

    He noted that the opposition delegation would not return to the negotiating table, "until the fighting stops and …

  • Syrian opposition: Russia wants to create 'zones for reducing tensions' in Syria

    Russia has proposed the creation of four zones to reduce tension in Syria: in the Idlib province, north of the city of Homs, in East Ghouta, and in the south of the country. This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing a source in the Syrian opposition.

    “Security lines (lines of demarcation) will be created along the entire length of the boundaries of the zones to reduce tension in order to avoid coming into direct contact with fire between the different sides of the Syrian crisis,” said a …

  • Media: Russia delivered 50 Tochka-U missiles to Syria

    This week, Russia delivered 50 Tochka-U tactical missiles to the Syrian port of Tartus. This was Russia’s largest delivery of such weapons to Syria, Fox News reported, citing a U.S. official.

    "This is a very big delivery of missiles for someone who is supposedly winding down the war effort," the source told the channel.

    Recently, the Russian military in Syria reportedly fired two missiles Tochka-U and four Iskander missiles at the positions of the opposition fighters in the Idlib province. …

  • Russia drafts new Syrian constitution

    Russian specialists have prepared a draft of the new constitution for Syria, as stated by the special representative of the Russian President on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev.

    Lavrentiev stated that the draft constitution was given to the Syrian armed opposition for study. BBC reports that Russia is waiting for their reaction.

    "I wish to particularly emphasize: we did it solely for the reason that we want to speed up this process and to give some additional stimulating impetus without intruding …

  • Turkish Media: Assad's regime continues to violate the ceasefire in Syria

    Despite the ceasefire in Syria, Bashar al-Assad's regime continues to attack the opposition forces, as reported by the Anadolu news agency.

    According to the agency, Assad's army and pro-Iranian groups have been attacking the opposition's strongholds from the ground and air using heavy weapons.

    As a result of the strikes, two children were killed at the Kafr Dael settlement west of Aleppo.

    The opposition forces responded with artillery at the towns of Kefraya and Al-Fu'ah which are controlled …

  • Lavrov warned Kerry that providing opposition with MANPADS could lead to an exacerbation of the situation in Syria

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that supplying the armed opposition with man-portable air defense systems might lead to an exacerbation of the situation in Syria.

    Lavrov noted, "the permission to supply the anti-government units with arms, including MANPADS,” which was included into United States Defense Bill, "may lead to further escalation of tensions and more casualties."

    Kerry and Lavrov discussed questions regarding the settlement of the …

  • CIA Director blamed Assad and Russia for civilian deaths in Syria

    The director of the CIA, John Brennan, said in a BBC interview that the US should continue to assist the moderate Syrian opposition, which opposes government troops, the Iranian and Russian militaries, and Lebanese militants of the Hezbollah movement. In his opinion, Russia plays a key role in the Syrian conflict, however, he is not certain that Moscow will negotiate and make concessions. The head of the CIA believes that the Kremlin is pursuing a strategy of delaying negotiations in an effort …

  • Lavrov confirms that Russia is in contact with Syrian opposition

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed that Russia is in talks with the Syrian opposition and that they are being facilitated by Turkey, Interfax reported.

    “We have never avoided contacts with any political opposition group, and contacts with field commanders. And since our Turkish partners have contacts with  the opposition groups including the field commanders, we, of course, exchange the information about the sentiments among these groups and we encourage them to become a part of …