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  • Bavarian Minister-President visits Moscow to 'restore normal relations' with Russia

    At a reception held by Russian President Valdimir Putin, Bavarian Minister-President Horst Seehofer said that he would make an effort to restore normal relations with Russia.  He had previously stated that the Bavarian economy is suffering due to sanctions placed against Russia.

    Seehofer is also the head of the Christian Social Union party (CSU).  He viewed his visit to Moscow as a step towards achieving these normal relations with Russia.  “We wholeheartedly wish to contribute to the …

  • Browder: The UK should punish Russia for Litvinenko’s murder

    William Browder, the British banker and founder of the Hermitage Capital investment fund, in an open letter to David Cameron, wrote that if Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t made to answer for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, political murders of Kremlin critics in the UK will continue.

    “Dear David Cameron! I’m writing on behalf of all British activists who fight for justice against dictators around the world,” wrote Browder in the letter published in The Guardian.

    “Your government’s …

  • NATO Seeks To Reopen Dialogue with Russia

    In the coming weeks, NATO hopes to resume dialogue with Russia, which was frozen because of the conflict in eastern Ukraine since July 2014. Diplomats in Brussels stated on January 20th that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization expects negotiations at the ambassadorial level within the NATO-Russia Council to take place sometime between the end of February and the beginning of March, if Moscow is amenable.

    One of the diplomats said that NATO wished to put a discussion on the conflict in …

  • Shinzo Abe Seeks To End Territorial Dispute with Moscow

    Voice of America reports that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold a summit to discuss the controversial Kuril Islands. The Prime Minister also wished to discuss a peace treaty between the two countries, as one hasn’t been signed since the Second World War.

    According to the Japanese Prime Minister, it's not "normal" that Moscow and Tokyo have not signed a peace agreement in all this time. It has been 70 years since the end of World War II.

    The …

  • Putin: Victory Day most significant event of 2015

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a New Year’s reception at the Kremlin, summed up the results of this year and noted the most significant event, as reported by TASS.  "We sum up the past and build plans for the coming year.  In the past year there were many events but the most significant was the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory," Putin said.

    He stressed that the country has celebrated this date "with honor to our fathers and grandfathers, whose fate is inspiring." The …