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  • Putin prays before meeting with Trump

    Russian President Vladimir Putin left on Wednesday for his annual trip to Valaam.The Kremlin’s press service reported that Putin “attended a solemn liturgy at the Valaam Monastery Transfiguration Cathedral, which was conducted by Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus, and then walked along the cloister with the Patriarch”.

    The visit took place on the church memorial day for the miracle-workers Venerable Sergius and Herman. Last year on July 11 the Russian president also traveled to the …

  • Putin to meet with Netanyahu before FIFA World Cup semifinal

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet in Moscow on July 11, the Kremlin’s press service reported.

    “On July 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. They are expected to discuss current affairs relating to bilateral cooperation and the international agenda, including the Palestinian-Israeli settlement and the situation in Syria,” the report states.

    While in Moscow, …

  • US conducts military exercises in the Black Sea ahead of Trump and Putin meeting

    One week before the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki, the US Navy has begun large-scale exercises in the Black Sea.

    The Sea Breeze 2018 exercise was initiated on Monday, involving Ukraine’s Black Sea Fleet and forces from 18 NATO countries, a total of more than 2,000 military personnel, as well as 30 ships and military aircraft. The USS Mount Whitney, flagship of the US 6th Fleet, was deployed in the Black Sea to take part in the drills, serving as the command center for …

  • Kremlin denies that Trump and Putin’s meeting venue was relocated

    The meeting place in Finland for the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States has not been changed, Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary for the President of Russia told journalists.

    According to Peskov, the Villa Königstadt on the Vantaa River bank was never mentioned as a place for the forthcoming summit. “[Putin and Trump’s meeting place] will be announced in due time. Changing the meeting place is not subject to discussion,” Peskov stressed.

    Earlier, the Finnish newspaper …

  • Putin extends ban on transit of goods from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

    Russian President Vladimir Putin amended the decree of January 1, 2016 regarding measures to ensure the economic security and national interests of the Russian Federation in the implementation of international transport of goods from the territory of Ukraine to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the Kyrgyz Republic through the territory of the Russian Federation. Putin extended these measures for another six months, until January 1, 2019, as reported by the Russian government portal …

  • Putin names three Russian regiments after Ukrainian cities

    Russian President Vladimir Putin named three Russian regiments Lviv, Zhytomyr, and Nizhyn. The 6th Tank Regiment of the Russian Army is now bearing the honorary title of the Lviv Regiment, the 68th Tank Regiment is the Zhytomyr Regiment, and the 163rd Panzer Regiment is the Nizhyn Regiment.

    Putin’s decree is published on Russian government’s portal of legal information. The decree was signed on June 30, 2018, and has already gone into effect.

    As noted by RBK, the names of Ukrainian cities are …

  • European MP: there is evidence that Putin pays those who support him in European Parliament

    Supporters of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who receive money from Moscow, are operating actively in the European Parliament, Ukrinform reports, with reference to a statement by the Lithuanian MEP and chairman of the EU Informal Group “Friends of European Ukraine”, Petras Auštrevičius.

    “We have a lot of people with impartial views, and we have information about the situation in Ukraine—we are Ukraine's strong supporters,” Auštrevičius stated. “We do our best in this respect. At the …

  • Media: Putin will dismiss 11 regional governors

    In the near future, President Vladimir Putin is going to dismiss between eight and eleven regional heads, as reported by RIA Novosti news agency, citing a source in the Presidential administration.

    It is anticipated that the replacements will be completed by October 10.

    "This will be completed by October 10th. As a result, 8 to 11 governors will be replaced by newly proposed candidates, including those already announced. The number of discharges depends entirely on the President’s decision," …

  • Poroshenko: Russia doesn’t need peace, it needs control

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko commented on a recent phone call in the “Normandy Format”. According to him, while talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was once again convinced that the Kremlin does not need peace, but control.

    He mentioned this during a speech at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in London.

    “The Russians are not interested in achieving peace. They are interested in gaining control. I felt it again on Monday, when, together with …

  • The Head of the Crimea proposes to make Putin President for Life

    Vladimir Putin should be President for life. The head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov expressed such an opinion during a broadcast on the TV channel "Russia 24", while commenting on his recent statement regarding establishing a monarchy in Russia.

    According to the head of the Republic, he had in mind not a change of the constitutional order, but rather of the authority of the leader. "I have cited certain analogies about the fact that, for example, if our President Vladimir Vladimirovich had been in …