Russia plans to build a replacement for the Mistral warship

Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation will construct an expeditionary ship for the Russian Navy, RIA Novosti reports, citing company president Alexei Rakhmanov.

"We will build an expeditionary ship, which combines the functions of a helicopter carrier and an assault ship within today’s state rearmament program. It can also contain a mobile hospital. It’s going to be a universal ship," said Rakhmanov at the Army 2018 forum.

In 2011, Russia agreed with France on the construction of two Mistral-class amphibious assault/helicopter carrier ships. A contract valued at 1.2 billion euros was terminated in 2015, due to events in Ukraine and imposed sanctions on Russia.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Borisov stated at the military-technical forum Army 2018 that the Russian Defense Ministry had begun the development of a new aircraft with vertical take-off and landing ability.

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