Ukrainian Forces launch new attack on Russian Dnieper group command center in occupied territories

The headquarters of the Russian group "Dnipro," responsible for the Kherson direction, has once again been targeted by the Ukrainian Forces. On December 15, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out extensive attacks on Russian targets in the occupied territories of the South, including Crimea, reported the Russian telegram channel "Paratroopers for Honesty and Justice," associated with officers of Dnipro group of forces.

"Another missile strike was conducted on the headquarters of the "Dnipro" group. We confirm the information from other sources. Further details will be reported by other war correspondents. We are still alive," the channel writes.

Ahalf ago, the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully struck the headquarters of the Dnipro group with missiles. At that time, it was situated in the Arabat Spit area near occupied Crimea. The Russians reportedly suffered significant losses in that strike, and there were rumors that General Teplynsky, the commander of the direction, was injured in the strike. Although this information has not been confirmed.

The Dnipro group of the Russian Armed Forces is responsible for military operations in the Kherson direction.

The Russian military claimed to have shot down dozens of Ukrainian UAVs and denied any losses, or damage.

It was also reported that Ukrainian drones attacked the occupied town of Henichesk and the northern part of Crimea in the evening of December 15.

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